One-Stop Shop

December 1st, 2016 by

Do you want to know what the ultimate one stop shop is?  It is your local new car dealer.
The reason is that they are practically five businesses rolled into one!  If you think about it, we have new and used vehicle sales (some could make a case that those are separate businesses in themselves), we have a service business to care those vehicles, we have a parts business to enable the servicing of those vehicles, we have a body shop business in case one of those vehicles get dinged or wrecked, and of course we have a detail business to keep them all looking good. 
Each one of these businesses employ highly trained individuals whose training never stops to take care of whatever you may need help with.
One thing many people may not realize is they all perform together as a team to take care of you and make it simple to purchase and care for your vehicle.
Think about that the next time some business is advertising they are a one stop shop!
Source: Birdnow Blog

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