Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

November 18th, 2016 by

It looks like it’s finally that time again.  We have been blessed with some extraordinary weather this fall, but if the weatherman is correct that’s all going to change in the next couple days.

This is a good time to review things to check on your vehicle before the snow flies.
Making sure your tires are properly inflated (this also helps keep those pesky tire lights on the dash from coming on) is of the utmost importance.  Tread depth on your tires is also very important because you will need all the traction you can get throughout the winter.  If your tread depth is 3/32 or below it would be a good idea to replace them.  You can easily check by looking at the wear bars on the tires – if the tread is even with them its time to replace.  Another trick is to take a penny and flip it over so Lincoln is upside down and stick it in the grooves of the tread.  If you can see Lincoln’s hair on the penny, it is time to replace.  Also be mindful of bulges and uneven wear on your tires – if you find any, it’s probably a good time to replace. 
Next on the list is your engine coolant (antifreeze).  Not only does the coolant keep your engine from damage by overheating, but it also keeps your engine from cold weather damage.  Many people don’t realize that just like all fluids in your vehicle the coolant breaks down over time and use.  Make sure you have your coolant checked and it’s protected to -34 degrees or below.  If it’s not, it’s probably a good time to get it changed. 
Do make sure to check your belts and hoses.  Extreme temperatures can affect them more than we realize and if one goes you could end up on the side of the road at a bad time of the year. 
Lastly, two things that may not be as important as the previously mentioned items but are still a good idea to check are your wiper blades to make sure your windshield is a clear and cleaned off as possible, and cabin air filters.  On many newer vehicles, your ventilation has a cabin air filter and making sure it’s clean and in good shape will improve your ventilation system and cut down on the time it takes for the warm air to start flowing out those vents!


I hope this has helped and from all of us at the Birdnow Dealerships have a safe winter season! 
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Thanks again!
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