Giving Thanks

November 23rd, 2016 by

During the Thanksgiving season, we here at the Birdnow Dealerships are thankful for so very many things its hard to put them all into words but we're going to try…
We are so thankful for our spouses, children, our extended families, their health, and happiness. 
Many of us are thankful for being close to our family members, being able to hug, kiss, or show affection to them. 
We are thankful for our careers and being able to be employed locally. 
We are lucky to be on this earth and some are thankful for a new chance on life wherever that chance may come from. 
We are very thankful for the pain, disappointment, and negativity in life only because it makes the joy, happiness, and positive things in life so much better. 
We are thankful for the living hope in the world, and having new people to tell old stories to. 
Lastly, we are so grateful for the health and friendship of our friends and customers! 

From all of us at the Birdnow Dealerships have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Source: Birdnow Blog

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