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Long Time Salesman
John Friedrich
Retirement Reception
September 16, 2019


Birdnow Motor Trade
Snowplow Truck Donated To
EWALU Bible Camp
Jeremy Birdnow presented the BMT Chevrolet 2500HD Plow Truck to
the EWALU Bible Camp near Strawberry Point.
Oelwein Party in the Park
July 11, 2019

Several vehicles are on display, and so is the community involvement of
"It was great to see everyone tonight!"
Pictured left to right Naomi Gaede, Deb Scharnhorst, and Jeremy Birdnow

Birdnow Motor Trade Supports Local Causes
June 15, 2019
Fayette County Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Fayette County took place on Saturday, June 15 at Oelwein High School. Its theme was "There's No Place Like Hope." Jeremy Birdnow commented, "We are proud to help sponsor the Fayette County Relay for Life!"

On July 10 Jeremy presented the Birdnow Motor Trade donation.

"We're excited to have helped support the American Cancer Society and thank you to all the customers that helped us do so during our June promotion!"
Pictured is Jeremy Birdnow and Dawn Dewey

Oelwein Dollars For Scholars
Jeremy Birdnow presented the Birdnow Motor Trade Dollars for Scholars Award to Mycah Moeller in the Awards Ceremony for graduating seniors on May 15, 2019.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors and the committee's diligent work, Oelwein Dollars For Scholars handed out $100,000 distribute to 54 graduates to assist with post-High School education.
Highway 150, West side, Near 20th Street
Pictured Jeremy Birdnow, Anthony Ricchio, and Sean Sauser

"We are excited to be part of the Oelwein Soccer Club and the dedication of the new Birdnow Motor Trade Soccer Complex in Oelwein!" - Jeremy Birdnow, General Manager, Birdnow Motor Trade

Birdnow Motor Trade in Oelwein is proud to be a Member Business
We participate in the annual OCAD Easter Basket Hunt.

Community Contributions
When you support Birdnow Dealerships you also support your community.  


The Birdnow Dealerships are staffed by people who live in our communities. Many are involved in churches, clubs, local community groups of many sorts.  As a local business, the Birdnow dealership in your area also contributes to causes that benefit many.