Mark and June Birdnow

Small Town Friendliness, Best Trained People, Latest Equipment

The Birdnow Dealerships bring just the right combination of small town service and friendliness with the best trained people and the latest equipment to serve you.

Only at the Birdnow Dealerships

See details about our unique program at the Service page.

Caring for Every Automotive Need

We pride ourselves in taking care of your every automotive need. We urge our customers to call us or stop by for any kind of advice needed concerning anything to do with their vehicle. We also offer free loaners to our customers when we service a vehicle they bought from us.

Straight Up Dealing

Unlike many dealerships we enjoy pulling out our invoice cost and showing you what we paid. Next, we can show you what your trade in is worth using the latest book values and internet guides. Then we'll deal from there.

You Are Our Neighbors and Friends, Not Just Numbers

Unlike many large dealerships we will get to know you and strive to take care of your vehicle the same as we would our own. And last but not least, if ever there is a problem, the owner, Mark Birdnow is available to make it right.

The Birdnow Family


  • You've had an accident and your vehicle is damaged. We can advise you on how to most quickly get it repaired and to find out about the other persons insurance. 
  • Your vehicle has damage too serious to be repaired. We can see that you get a fair settlement from the insurance if totaled and also help you decide whether or not to fix the vehicle if borderline. 
  • Your vehicle has a serious mechanical problem. We might be able to get help in the cost of fixing it from the manufacturer. Sometimes there are special policies for this. 
  • You need an appraisal of a vehicle to settle an estate. 
  • You'd like to know the value of a collectible or antique vehicle or how to sell it.

We don't charge for any of the above services!