Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Winter is winding down, and Spring is in the air!  Now is the time for airing out the house, washing, windows, sweeping out the garage, and much more.  But don't forget your car!  Here are a few good tips for spring cleaning your car and getting it ready for the summer months:
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Secrets To Negotiating More Value For Your Trade-In

One thing that many "experts" give as advice is to first negotiate your best price on the car you’re thinking of buying. Then, and only then, tell the salesperson you’re planning to trade, and ask for an appraisal of your car.
The thinking behind this seems to be that if you tell the salesperson up front that you’re trading in your car, he will somehow be able to trick you and talk you into paying too much for his car and accepting too little for your trade.
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6 Simple New Year's Resolutions For Your Car

2017 is here!
Change is in the air, and with the new year along come time for new year's resolutions.  We thought this would be a good time to come up with some New Year's resolutions fro your vehicle to help you keep it maintained and doing well for you throughout the year.  This may seem a bit trivial when compared to weight loss or a kinder disposition, but think about it: you trust your car with getting you to work, the kids to school, and so many other things day in and day out. So why wouldn…

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A Simple Car-Buying Experience, The Birdnow Way

In the car business, you will find many processes and presentations.  Actually, you will probably find a different one at each dealership you visit.  We are truly very comfortable and happy with how we address the "Deal" at the Birdnow Dealerships.
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Christmas List For Your Vehicle

With everyone in full Christmas shopping mode we thought it would be fun to put together a Christmas list for your vehicle!  Everything our vehicles do for us during the year without complaint means they should get something nice (they really are part of the family). Here are a few great ideas:
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Auto Start / Stop

An intriguing feature on many of our new models is the Auto Start-Stop feature.  It is a simple way to reduce CO2 and fuel consumption during city driving.
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One-Stop Shop

Do you want to know what the ultimate one stop shop is?  It is your local new car dealer.
The reason is that they are practically five businesses rolled into one!
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