A Simple Car-Buying Experience, The Birdnow Way

December 29th, 2016 by

In the car business, you will find many processes and presentations.  Actually, you will probably find a different one at each dealership you visit.  We are truly very comfortable and happy with how we address the “Deal” at the Birdnow Dealerships.


Our sales people have a two part job.  First and most importantly they must find the right vehicle for you.  Once they have done that, they help work out the details and make it affordable.  Unlike many dealers and salespeople you will come across who are mainly looking at putting you in the right vehicle that will make them the most money, we are looking to find the right vehicle for you the customer.  We will go the extra mile to make sure our price is the best out there and that we are very fair on the trade-in because, frankly, without trades, we would quickly run out of vehicles to sell (not everyone can or wants to buy a new vehicle).  We can promise you a fair trade because we have the ability to look at what price other dealers are selling vehicles like ours for and what the market is on trades.


We are very transparent in our pricing and process, you will notice that whether on our lot, looking at the website, or the ads in the newspaper, radio, or TV our prices are the same…we don’t play games like some that have different prices depending on where you look.


Where we feel we excel the most is with our dedicated, experienced staff from sales to the business office and on to taking care of your vehicle during your ownership or lease term, we spend the same extreme effort to explain your options and attain the very best situation for you the customer.


This is the Birdnow Experience.  As we like to say, you’ve got to get to our place, you’ll really like the way we treat you!
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