6 Simple New Year's Resolutions For Your Car

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2017 is here!
Change is in the air, and with the new year along come time for new year's resolutions.  We thought this would be a good time to come up with some New Year's resolutions fro your vehicle to help you keep it maintained and doing well for you throughout the year.  This may seem a bit trivial when compared to weight loss or a kinder disposition, but think about it: you trust your car with getting you to work, the kids to school, and so many other things day in and day out. So why wouldn’t you do your best to give your vehicle the love it deserves?

Check out these 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make For Your Car:

-Keep the inside of your car clean

Nothing is more deflating than driving to pick up someone on your first date (or your grandma, she’s a sweetheart too!) with a car full of garbage and trash. Your date will think you’re a slob, and grandma won't want you to pick her up anymore whether you're the favorite grandchild or not!  Pick a nice sunny day to go outside and vacuum out all the mats and seats, and get some rags to wipe down all the dust and grime off the dashboard. You’ll get fresh air, exercise, and a car that’s ready for any passenger.  Even when the conditions are too extreme to fully clean out your vehicle, limiting or erasing the amount of trash in your car will help maintain a level of cleanliness that both you and your grandma will appreciate (not to mention that next date).  Keep a small trash receptacle in front with you and empty it when you walk into work or stop to get gas; this will ensure your car stays nicer, longer.

-Be proactive with symptoms from you vehicle 

How many times have you been driving your car, and heard a sound, rattle, or bang from inside your vehicle and dismiss it as no big deal?  In reality, that noise could be a faulty transmission, a head gasket ready to blow, or something worse.  Make a vow this year that you’ll be more attentive to suspicious behavior in your car. If nothing else, it will give you piece of mind, and on the off chance that you do have an issue with your car, you could save yourself hundreds (even THOUSANDS!) of dollars.

-Schedule at least two service appointments

Get your car checked out, make sure you schedule your regular maintenance at a service center that checks the vehicle over and makes you aware of any issues (do be careful of the few bad eggs out there that may try to sell you something that is not needed). Don’t become that person who thinks their car is invincible and requires no maintenance. You put a lot of time, faith, and money into your vehicle; let it know you respect it by keeping it properly maintained.  Getting your car into service bi-annually (maybe more depending on your driving habits) will not only keep your car in prime condition, but it will keep you constantly aware of any issues that might be small early stages but could become big if not addressed.

-Keep your fluids topped off and in good shape

Make sure all your fluids are topped off or at their proper fill levels.  Your coolant needs to be topped off, and make sure it is protected at -35 or below.  Keep your wiper fluid topped off as much as possible so you're able to keep your windshield as clear as possible.  Make sure your oil doesn’t look like overcooked chili, and is properly filled (not only can your vehicle have not enough oil, it could have too much!) Keeping the lifeblood of your vehicle is the cheapest insurance that will help extend its lifetime.

-Be on top of the condition of your tires and wheels

The last place any of us want to be is outside, and having to put your vehicle's spare tire on because you neglected the low tire warning light and your tire blew out!  Stay in control of your tires. Keep them filled up, and keep an eye out for balding tires. During the winter season, with temperatures as low as they are, the roads are almost guaranteed to be ice sheets. Skidding around the road like a carnival ride is not how you want to spend your morning commute.

-Listen to your Service Advisor

We'd like to clear up a taboo that may be festering around in the back of some minds: a service advisor or technician is not out to overcharge you or suggest unneeded repairs for your vehicle. Rather, he or she wants to make sure you are safe in the car they are inspecting.  Now we can’t speak for all service center's everywhere in this great big world, as surely there are some bad eggs out there.  What we can assure you is that when you service your vehicle at the Birdnow Dealerships, our service advisors, managers, and technicians are trained to report to you the exact details of their comprehensive inspection so you can make an educated decision on what you’d like to have repaired or replaced.  We pride ourselves on not selling you service or parts you don't need while maintaining your vehicle!

It’s a new year and a fresh start for change in your life. Make the most of this mentality by staying on top of your car, and you both will find yourself happily riding throughout 2017 safe and sound. Thanks for listening!
Source: Birdnow Blog

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