The Birdnow Dealerships are going to launch a first of its kind 24/7 emergency message service for our customers. All of our customers will begin receiving a card with a toll free 24/7 emergency contact number on it. We are calling this card our VIC (Very Important Customer) cars. Only our customers will have access to this number. When calling, a live operator will ask which of our locations you normally do business with, or which one of our locations you’re closest to, and, at your choice, will call a specific manager, or the emergency contact managers of that store. If no one answers, if you wish, an email will be sent to all emergency contact managers at all of our locations. As soon as possible one of our emergency contact managers will call you back and see how we can help. Each of our managers will have a complete list of contact numbers for all staff in the entire Birdnow Dealerships organization. So, for example, if you normally do business with our Oelwein location, but it’s the middle of the night, you call our VIC emergency operator, and our emergency operator isn’t getting an answer to their phone call, an email will be sent to all emergency contact managers. Early the next morning, the first emergency contact manager that sees the message will call you, find out how we can help you, and will use our master list of all employees to call the appropriate person from the store location that can help you. Our 24/7 operator will have contact information for after hours towing, etc. to help you, but our purpose is not to replace emergency services or roadside assistance. Examples of what we would be able to help with is a loaner on the weekend, or advice on where to have a damaged vehicle towed.

This is just one of many things that make our dealerships unique. We like to say that we have all the benefits of a large dealership (a lot of vehicles to choose from, many sources of lenders to get you the best possible deal, better trained technicians and equipment) but not the negative things big dealerships can have. (high service labor rates, turnover in sales staff, high pressure to buy today, don’t care attitude once you’ve purchased from them, etc.) The Birdnow Dealerships are one big family, spread across NE Iowa, if you’re a Birdnow Customer you’ll be at home at any of our locations.

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