What does the 4th of July mean to you? You should think about it.

When I think of the 4th of July, it’s obviously in a patriotic vein. I think about how we became a country, and also it reminds me of the pride I have in our country. With all of our faults (which we air on our sleeve for the world to see) we are still the beacon of hope to the world. Outsiders can find fault with us, but often because they, deep down, are envious of us. All people everywhere can have reasons to love and be proud of their countries. However, the fact remains, the United States of America is by far the most desired place to live when others are asked, “If you had to choose a different country to live in, which would it be?” We are diverse, we are strong, but at the same time, compassionate and willing to help others in need. As best we can, we’ve tried always to help police the world and protect and help others.

I often think of the veterans who served in our military, many of which also fought for the cause of freedom. Consider this, how often, especially in the last 100 years, has America taken land from those that we were at war with? Consider how many Americans have died while forcibly removing tyrants, dictators, and those that employ genocide, from power.

So as you have the day off, watch fireworks, go and do what you wish, enjoying good food at the same time, remember what made us great, what makes us great, and think of how we can continue to make America the beacon of hope and the greatest nation now, or ever, on earth.

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