Birdnow Customer Benefits

  When you buy a vehicle from the Birdnow Dealerships we give you a card with our special VIC information on it. VIC is an acronym for VERY IMPORTANT CUSTOMER! There is a toll free number you can call any time after hours, even holidays. A live operator answers and the first thing they ask you is which Birdnow Store you normally deal with. They then will ask what your concern is and then try to contact one of the managers at the store you select. If no answer, they will send an email to the mangers of that store for them to see when they are back on line.

The Birdnow Dealerships VIC card isn't meant for emergency services in the middle of the night. Most of us, like you, turn our cell phone off at night, but we'd see the message first thing in the morning and respond. 

These are just a couple of examples of calls we've had.
  • One customer had an accident and didn't know what to do. They got ahold of one of us and we helped them direct where to have it towed and met them there to get them a loaner.
  • Another time an elderly couple couldn't shift their car. The reason was they were unaware that they had to step on the brake before they could shift the transmission. 

We guarantee that we'll give you the best price on any new vehicle we sell. See us for details.

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